About OpenNode

OpenNode is the world’s first multi-layered bitcoin payment processor for merchants. Easily accepting bitcoin with instantly confirmed transactions and 0 fees has not been possible... until now. We’re here to put bitcoin adoption into overdrive by allowing everyone to seamlessly experience Lightning.

It’s our hope to onboard merchants from all around the world. Together, we’ll build a healthy network where bitcoin will become a transparent, secure, and instant medium of exchange.

Who are we?

We’re a group of bitcoin enthusiasts, designers, and Lightning Network explorers that have dedicated our lives to empowering individuals through bitcoin. We built OpenNode to make bitcoin payment processing easier. Focusing on user experience, we hope to remove all barriers for anyone looking to participate in the future of currency exchange.

The bitcoin space is constantly changing. We’re actively researching all bitcoin protocol developments so we can continue creating services that optimize your business and your customer’s payment experience.

Our values
01 Transparent
We are heavy proponents of bitcoin because of the transactional transparency and accountability the protocol brings to our financial system. OpenNode follows the same concept by being consistently open, honest, ethical, and genuine with our users.
02 Always improving
We embrace innovation and technology that improve our freedoms and allow us to reimagine what is possible. Through the power of collaboration, experimentation, and staying informed, we will continue developing usable and forward-thinking features for our merchants.
03 Accessible
OpenNode is open to all merchants regardless of services or goods provided. Sign up in seconds with no bank account and no sign-up fee. Start experiencing the beauty that is bitcoin.
04 Keep it simple
The complexity of the bitcoin protocol is increasing everyday. We aim to bridge the technical gap between bitcoin and the public by developing an easy-to-use platform for merchants worldwide.
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