Our features
Instant settlement
With the Lightning Network, you can now experience bitcoin with instant settlements and zero fees.
Instant exchange
Automatically convert bitcoin to your native currency at the time of transaction, or do it manually within your dashboard at your convenience.
*Currently supported: USD, EUR, BRL, MXN
Tap into new payment models and monetize any interaction for a fraction of a cent ($0.00001/txn).
Simple withdrawals
Enable scheduled withdrawals to your bitcoin wallet or manually withdraw to your bank account in your native currency.
Quick invoice
Manage and accept bitcoin payments for your mobile or point of sale business.
Accounting made easy
Download a CSV file of your transaction history to keep all your finances in order.
The immutability of the bitcoin blockchain and secure 2FA login ensures every sale is safe and sound.
No chargebacks
All transactions settle instantly and securely so you’ll never experience fraud or chargebacks.
Newest bitcoin protocol implementations
Support for native SegWit addresses and Lightning Network transactions across all invoices for the cheapest network fees.
Lightning Network
Join OpenNode and start accepting sound money.
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